Hello June...

Posted on June 02 2019

Hello June...
Premature Baby Cardigans

Apologies for the delay in sending this newsletter. I started writing a post about 'how to make knitted garments fit properly' and quickly realised  that it was proving to be a massive subject not suitable for a newsletter. Instead, I will finish writing it as an article and then provide you with a link so that those interested may read further. Basically, as a knitter who particularly enjoys making sweaters and cardigans for myself, I am always surprised when knitters tell me they have never made either but prefer to stick to knitting shawls, scarves, cowls and other items where 'fit' is not too important. Now that I am meeting customers of different shapes and sizes, I fully appreciate their dilemma.

I had come across a post on Twitter about 'Designing for fat bodies' which stated  "There is no way to design a garment that is going to fit every single body perfectly. That’s just not possible. Every body is unique, and I believe the best way to make your designs size inclusive is to first grade up to include every size you can, and to then include information on modifying the fit of the SCYE, armholes, sleeves, bust, waist, hips, and length." 

My daughter studied fashion design and when we were first discussing the business idea she was concerned that, as a new knitter, she would not be able to help on the design side. I explained that knitting is a similar process to designing for any other fabric.The difference is that you actually create the fabric by knitting it and then you sew the knitted pieces together. Standard dressmaking patterns usually have to be adjusted to fit properly and they show quite clearly where the alterations can be made, Unfortunately, few knitting patterns tell us how/where to alter a pattern and it must be very off-putting for new knitters if their first knitted garment fits badly. I am currently in the process of designing and writing up patterns and I am endeavouring to indicate in the pattern where alterations can be made to adjust the garment with the aim of achieving a more individual and, therefore hopefully, a better fit. Anyway, as I have already said, 'Designing for a proper fit' is a massive topic - to be tackled later!

We have now held three Charity Knitting Group sessions and here are some photos of items I will be sending or taking to some of the charities this week. I cannot believe how much has been created in such a short space of time - many, many thanks to everyone who has participated in this new initiative. Your support is very much appreciated.


Hats for Premature Babies

Hats for the Harrogate Homeless Project

Puddle sitting amongst some Worry Monsters for 'Knit for Nowt'

Beautiful crochet blanket for the Harrogate Homeless Project

I was inspired to start a 'Knitting Group for Charity' in Harrogate by one of my lovely Australian friends who lives in Melbourne and who has been involved in a fantastic knitting charity out there called KOGO She recently sent me across this amazing  video . If any readers would like to knit for good causes but are unable to attend our monthly meetings in Harrogate then please take a look at our charity page on the website. Any items will be gratefully received and we will ensure that they are distributed where they are needed.

Last week, Alice and I took a few days travelling along the coast of Yorkshire and Northumberland looking for a suitable venue for a photographic shoot. I have been busy knitting and designing in our super chunky 'Puddle' yarn with the aim of launching the yarn and patterns in the Autumn. We have settled on Flamborough as a location and the needles are working furiously trying to get everything ready for next month's shoot. As a Londoner who spent her childhood summers in Budleigh Salterton, Devon where my father was born and raised, the north-east coastline is a new experience and we found some beautiful spots 'en route' including Runswick Bay.

Runswick Bay
For those of you who have read earlier posts, you will know that I am a fan of Alison Ellen and attended one of her workshops at West Dean College near Chichester. This fantastic college sits in stunning grounds and I only wish that I lived nearer to take advantage of their amazing selection of courses in arts and crafts.

In my last post, I had just started a new Alison Ellen design from her book 
'Knitting: Colour, Structure and Design'  and below is a photo of the completed jacket which was great fun to make as the process is very different from the usual 'bottom up' or 'top down' designs. The yarn is our own 4 ply (The Knitter's Yarn No. 2) which is available in a range of 22 colours so there are a myriad of colour combinations and I'm already looking to make another when time allows.

Alison Ellen design knitted in The Knitter's Yarn No. 2 (4 ply)
Many of you will also know that I am a huge fan of Patricia Roberts and for those of you who do not know of her or her  designs then take a look at her Ravelry group for some inspiration. I met a lovely group of ladies at one of Patricia's classes held at Les Soeurs Anglaiseswhich is another fantastic venue, this time in France, which hosts some amazing workshops. Several of us have subsequently been meeting up over the past few years at different locations including Edinburgh and Harrogate. This post from 2018 shows off some of the beautiful finished projects designed by Patricia and knitted by members of our group. This year we are off to visit one of our friends who is based in Stockholm. With members of the group travelling from Australia and various parts of the UK, it is lovely to maintain friendships which originated from the mutual admiration of a brilliant knitwear designer and I am very much looking forward to it. I just have to decide on a suitable knitting project to take which will enable me to chat and knit because, as many of you will know, Patricia's patterns often require a great deal of concentration!

I hope you are all having a great summer and please feel free to send comments or questions to us at 
The Knitter's Yarn.


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