Introducing our new yarn - Puddle

Posted on October 07 2018


The Knitter's Yarn Stand at Yarndale 2018

It has been many weeks since my last update and for that I apologise but it has been extremely busy here at The Knitter's Yarn. My children have told me that I am beginning to write 'essays' rather than 'newsletters' and as a result of their comments I am now trying to write less so here goes .....

The Knitter's Yarn stand at Yarndale 2018

At the weekend we took a stand at Yarndale for the first time. It hardly seemed possible that just 12 months ago we were about to launch our new business and enjoyed looking around Yarndale as visitors. Just a year later we were back at the show but this time as one of the exhibitors. I had forgotten how much time and energy shows like Yarndale require and it has taken me a couple of days to recover - clearly a sign of my age! We had a great time meeting and chatting to so many knitters so my thanks to everyone for taking the time to come look, chat and purchase from our store.

Yarndale was also the launching pad for a new member of the family. We have added a super, super chunky, super soft but beautifully structured 100% British merino wool to our range. It was extremely difficult to come up with a name that had already not been taken by other companies and so, in the end, we have called the new yarn 'Puddle' after our seven month old long-haired miniature dachshund. Both are very soft and cuddly!

Boxes of the new yarn were literally delivered as we were setting up our stand on Friday evening and so we are still adding the wool and kits to our site and we are are awaiting professional photographs so please bear with us. We started the process of designing the new yarn at the beginning of the year but everything always takes longer than expected. However, we did manage to hit the Yarndale deadline - just!

One of the reasons for bringing out this super, super chunky yarn (which requires 15mm needles) is to try to encourage new knitters. In today's world we are used to immediate results and my aim was to introduce a yarn that would be quick to knit so that the excitement of finishing a project was immediate. My hope is that 'newbies' will get hooked on the art of knitting and gradually try out the other weights of yarn including our own beautiful 3 & 4 ply lambswool. 

However, 'Puddle' is also a great yarn for experienced knitters who may wish to knit something quickly for a gift or to work a 'fast' project whilst knitting something more complicated and time-consuming. Whatever your knitting skill level, Puddle is a lovely yarn to knit with and the reaction to our new yarn at the weekend was overwhelmingly positive.

As a 100% British merino wool from the Falkland Islands which has been spun and dyed in Yorkshire, Puddle has been twisted to ensure good structure and it is wonderfully soft - absolutely not at all 'scratchy' to wear - and so it is very suitable for all garments which are next to the skin including winter scarves and cowls. We currently stock 8 beautiful colours which all work together and we will gradually be adding to the range. 

Here are a few images of the kits which are currently available to purchase and we will be adding to them on a regular basis.
Cable wrap knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
Garter stitch cowl knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
Moss stitch cowl knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
Skinny rib scarf knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
Garter Stitch Cushion knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
Cable cushion knitted in Puddle from The Knitter's Yarn
I have lots more to talk about but, on the basis that I am under strict instructions to keep it short, I will finish by showing you a photo of the Erika Knight 'Haiku' cardigan I was knitting when I last wrote. I just love the drape of Erika's  Studio Linen and this colour, Covet, is a winner. Perfect for wearing over tops as the temperature drops and whilst knitting your proper winter woollies.
Erika Knight Haiku kit from The Knitter's Yarn

I am concluding this newsletter with some words I read from a Canadian customer this week which really struck a chord with me:

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 
Be kind.



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